Hi, I’m Nik and founded GI Chow as a resource to inspire and help those looking to lose weight for health or aesthetic reasons.

While I started out studying medicine, my qualifications are in human psychology and law. I have no qualifications in medicine or nutrition however the content here is based on well recognised information in the public domain and my personal experiences. I have no reason to think that my experience is peculiar to me and not generally transferable however before embarking on any program of significant weight loss or diet change it is advisable to check with a health professional that you have no medical conditions that need to be considered.

I do not have particularly strong will power and definitely do not have much resistance to hunger so I’m hopeful that many of you will benefit from the information here to get to a healthy weight without either hunger or needing to incorporate much more exercise into your life (though exercise can of course improve health too).

If you found the information here helpful please spread the word..simply mentioning www.gichow.com in your social media or website will mean you’ve done your bit to help others benefit from this information..which is never going to have funds to be promoted because it doesn’t make anybody any money!

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