What Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews looks like

Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews face

Face of Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews

If you’ve watched any of his videos you may be intrigued to know what Zeos from the YouTube channel Z Reviews looks like. I found this frame in one of his videos (Best of Zeos Pantera) showing what looks to be a reflection of his face.

In 2019, Zeos’ face and name were revealed in this video:


This video has since been taken down however a photo from it is here:
If you know any more details about this funny and impressively knowledgeable chap (does/did he have a regular job, where does his wit and knowledge come from?) please share in a comment below!

If you can’t see the many comments with further photos below from your device they are also here: https://gichow.com/2018/01/30/what-zeos-pantera-from-z-reviews-looks-like/

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25 thoughts on “What Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews looks like

  1. This would appear to be the same guy. Keep in mind that your image has been reversed. His left ear is closer to his head than his right ear.
    He claims to be Italian, but he actually looks vaguely Slavic.
    The image is from Reddit just after a post by him. It’s labeled “Zeos.png,” so someone obviously thinks it’s him, perhaps taken at a headphone meet.

      • He was just at Lime Rock in Connecticut, so this may be from there.
        Thanks–not really detective work–I won some headphones on his auction and that’s his PayPal account name. If you know someone with an Ancestry.com account, you could probably find out where he lives. I managed to capture a couple of window shots from his videos, looks like [Something] Family Mart, and there’s a Village [Meats?], but neither shows up on any search engine. i used to do a bit of genealogy, so I’ve had some experience tracking people down.


  2. Cancel that LinkedIn reference. That’s a different Steve Ciofalo. There are an amazing number of Ciofalos in the world.

  3. I found him.
    I won’t post it online for obvious reasons. Suffice it to say, he’s not in Philly; he’s in the suburbs, which explains why he’s looking for a house in the $400,000 range.
    A word of warning: if you want to keep your location secret, don’t post window shots in high def. It only takes one business name or professional office and you’re cooked.

    • That’s clearly the guy in the image I found.
      By the way, after all the detective work, it dawned on me that the return address on the earphones I won at the silent auction had his name and address. He lives over an insurance company and across the street from an ice cream parlor in a small town in Montgomery County, Penna. I’m not sure why he makes such a big deal about how he looks. It’s not like he has a job to protect..

      • For me that kind of mistery add something special to watching his channel. It’s similar stuff to face reveal of Jack from Unbox Therapy. They did that after hitting 10 000 000 subscribers.

  4. Hey. I’m pasta. Add my Snapchat and twitter if you want to see our faces. This is hilarious. Lots of selfies over there. Bahahahaha
    I’d love to send you photos of my feet and/or a#####e as well.

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