What AvE from the YouTube BOLTR videos looks like

AvE YouTube BOLTR face side of head

AvE YouTube BOLTR face side of head

If you’ve watched any of his videos you may be intrigued to know what the guy from the YouTube channel AvE looks like. I found this frame in one of his videos (BOLTR: KitchenAid Mixer. SURPRISE!) showing the side of his face with a reflection of his face hidden by a superimposed grey rectangle.

As the journalist at 14:30 of this article on CBC News asks “Who is he?!”

If you find anything clearer or know any more details about this funny and impressively knowledgeable chap (does he have a regular job, where does his wit and knowledge come from?) please share in a comment below!

There are some red herrings on reddit pointing to The worst job ever. How to remove tile thin set from plywood which is hilarious but reveals just a little more about this ‘200 pound gorilla’.

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