Samsung S20 advert music 2021 innit

Took me a while to find this since “searching up” Samsung advert song with “in it” in it brought up several songs from the usual advertisement music sites but not this one.

Turns out is “Innit Tho” by Alika

The album (Wiz) this track (Innit Tho) appears on is on Spotify, Apple music and elsewhere.

The original S20 FE 5G advert is in this tweet from Alika:

If you’re looking for the S21 “new new new new ah ha ha ha ha ha ha” song that sounds a bit like the Ting Tings “That’s not my name” that one is bespoke composed for Samsung by Luis Almau and Peter Raeburn and available from Soundtree Music here.

I’m still looking for the S21 Ultra “Putting in the work” song..Samsung are really nailing it with their ad music these days!


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