Sony X95H (X950H / XH95) TV v Sony X95J comparison

Sony X95H v Sony X95J TV comparison

I wondered what advantages the latest Sony high end FALD (full array local dimming) LED TV brought over the previous model, which is much cheaper, and found this free online tool from RTINGS very helpful.

Just with your web browser, you can use it to compare side by side 2 or more of the several hundred TVs that has tested over the years across all their important characteristics including contrast, motion handling, upscaling and user interface so a very valuable tool to know about.

If you found this helpful please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, one of my reviews from which is on soundbars.

Other YouTube TV reviewers I watch to form an assessment of a TV include Rtings, HDTVTest, Digital Trends, B, FOMO and Tech With KG.

Reading the viewer comments against their videos can also be informative.

This reviewer puts the Sony X95J picture overall above its obvious LED competitors, the Samsung QN90A neo QLED (mini LED) and LG QNED 90 (mini LED) TV and succinctly describes why one would choose LED over OLED (skip to 10:42 – 11:41):

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