How to get photos from an iPhone on to a Sony Bravia TV – photo slide show!

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Show iPhone photos on Sony TV with AirPlay

It took me a long time to work out how to show photos from the girls’ iPhone on our 55″ Sony TV and I was close to giving up but it’s actually very quick and easy to share photos and stream videos to the big screen when you know how.

1) On your TV, press the input selector button on the remote control to select AirPlay

and turn AirPlay on. There was no need to go into the TV settings.

2) On your phone, make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV, bring up the photo or video you want to share, touch the share button and then select AirPlay – this is not the round ‘AirDrop’ icon that appears first but further down you will find the rectangular ‘AirPlay’ icon.

3) Select your TV from the list.

4) If a 4-digit code appears on your TV, type it into your phone.

That’s it! Your phone screen is now mirrored to your TV. You can zoom in or swipe to different photos and videos as usual, and they will simultaneously appear on your TV screen for everyone to see comfortably.

It let us get photos from both an iPhone 7 and iPhone 12 on to a Sony KD-55XH9505 TV so I guess it should let you send photos with the iPhone models in between those too.

After first searching for how to do this I initially tried navigating to the TV settings, Network & Internet and Wi-Fi Direct and then connecting to the TV network from the iPhone but that didn’t let me send photos to the TV screen.

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