Do you lose your Wordle streak if you don’t play for a day?

What is a streak in Wordle?

Yes, a Wordle streak ends when you miss playing for a day, confirmed in this Reddit post.

A ‘streak’ in Wordle is the number of consecutive times you have correctly guessed the word in a game of Wordle.

If you don’t play then your ‘current streak’ will end but your ‘max streak’, which is the highest streak you have ever had (and can be the same as your ‘current streak’) will remain unchanged.

But if you didn’t make a guess one day or didn’t even open the Wordle website then arguably you didn’t participate and a game didn’t take place.

And what if you left a game unfinished with guesses left in hand, perhaps intending or forgetting to get back to it? Seems like happily it won’t then count towards your ‘Played’ count or ‘Win %’.

See what some A-List celebs have to say about it:

A-Listers talk about Wordle

Leave a comment below on whether you think it does or should make a difference to whether a streak ends and what a good average score is – mine is 3.9 in the example above.

If you’ve created any “Wordle art” feel free to share that in a comment too and I’ll add the most popular:

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25 thoughts on “Do you lose your Wordle streak if you don’t play for a day?

  1. Nah – shouldn’t make a difference since a streak should be availability based but should be skill based. A streak could be how many times you get the answer in the same number of guesses or fewer guesses. If you get it in three guesses then next day or next time you play you must get it in three or two or… ! times or you break the streak. That adds a bit of false bottom to the number of tries you get.

    • Mmm..interesting idea. But then if you get it in 6 you might be motivated to stay at 6 the next time (even if you can guess in less) to extend your streak rather than improve?!

      • I bet human nature would still be challenged to try to do better in terms of getting it faster. Streak is almost a side dish. Still, it might be hard to actually not get it until six and then be sure to get it at all! Today for instance there were two possible words (that I could think of) that would fit the bill given the clues available, It could have been either one. If I chose the right one at five I’d never make it to six. It was a fifty fifty chance.

      • I guess an ‘improving streak’ is something one could aspire to. Btw re. the 2 word possibility one could put in a ‘tester’ word (that misses known good letters) just to check which of the possibilities it is ..

  2. Hm… true – if I could have thought of one; I could only figure out two words that could fit so I had a 50% chance of getting it whether I wanted to or not! That’s part of what I like about this game though – there really is much more strategy involved than initially apparent. I wouldn’t even feel nearly as chuffed about getting it on the first (or likely the second depending on what clues were revealed in the first word) because the first word is almost All chance. The range of chance involved depends on the clues revealed, but decreases as the number of tries increases while the risk of not getting it at all increases. I think that balance is just right. Limiting the number of games available to one a day is also a plus… and a bit novel. I suppose the current formula for a run does encourage consistent playing, but seems like it could be altered as above, then a “founding membership stat” incentivize not missing a day – percentage of days played out of percentage of days since game inception. Anyway, a nice accompaniment to coffee – maybe as good as a donut and probably much healthier!

    • Yep, a curious game since a guess in one is largely luck – tho the average number of guesses may be a better indication of skill. I use my weighted average
      (3×5 + 4×2 + 6×2)/9
      = 3.9 from the example above.
      The scarcity of games and ease of sharing the pictograms definitely makes it feel like a more social and connected experience..
      Yes % of games played (maybe since one’s first game) would give a good ‘commitment’ score and plenty of other potential stats to consider (making it similar to cricket!) – like you say, much healthier than some alternative distractions. Have fun 🙂

  3. I’m a very busy person. I LOVE WORDLE because I only need to play once a day and cannot play more. No addiction. I didn’t know that if I miss a day, it ruins the streak. Phooey. Sometimes I just don’t have time but fairly new, haven’t not guessed it yet.

    • Yep, seems yours is a view shared by some others. Perhaps a ‘personal streak’ for just games one has actually started playing would be a good enhancement. Also an average score would be something I’d like to see, perhaps graphed over time (though how to score a game where one didn’t guess correctly would have to be decided).

  4. I agree, availability of or access to the game should not count against us. I think a streak should br only interrupted if you don’t win a game and not be effected by whether or not you were able to try.

  5. Is there somewhere you can ask other questions like why Wordle doesn’t recognize Satan as a word, or can share observations about colors and duplicated letters etc?

  6. Streak should not end when you miss a day. A baseball hitting streak does not end if you don’t play in the game.

  7. I play wordle every day. I have a 98% solve rate because I have only failed to get the daily word once. However, my streak resets for no apparent reason. I use the same device every day. Trying to figure it out how the streak is calculated is a deep mystery

  8. I think it is unfair to reset current streak if you miss a day or more. Streak count should reflect the number of successful Wordles in a row. Its annoying to see the streak go down when you didn’t get one wrong. It happened to me when my Streak reached 99 then I was travelling for a day and didn’t do one. Next day I was back to Zero.! Bahh!

  9. I haven’t worked out what a streak was but I Iwanted to do next day and it seems you can’t get yesterday’s at all
    I thought I could get two today not fussed about streak just like doing thrm

  10. Mere persistence is a silly trait to reward (and not realistic for busy players); any “streak” should reflect skill as well as duration. The simplest formula is, for how many consecutive games can you continue to raise (equal or beat) your average score (using the weighted average calculation of “score” set out by reader above). Such a “streak” must always end but may last a long time and will particularly reward players whose skills are steadily improving.

    • Interesting, reminds me of a conversation I had with a runner who said the best PB is the one where you beat your previous by 1 second since you increase your number of PBs that way 🙂

  11. It’s right to lose your win streak if you miss a day, otherwise when it’s a difficult word and you’re up to the last guess you might just ‘not finish’ that day to keep your streak

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