How do you save documents in Word Online?

If you’re using the completely browser-based version of Microsoft Word and are used to pressing Ctrl-S frequently in the Desktop version to save your work as you go you may be wondering how to achieve the same.

Well, the online help says “There’s no Save button because we’re automatically saving your document”

Try the following experiment
1) Type anything in your document and then immediately afterwards quit your browser
2) Go back to your document

My experience has been that nearly all of the newly typed content from (1) is showing up in (2) so I guess saving is happening almost immediately anything is typed however it’s not easy to find any guarantee of this and even Microsoft’s own documentation gives you contradictory information:

Differences between using a document in the browser and in Word says: “You save a document manually in Word Online; there is no auto-save feature.” so I guess the answer is you don’t save documents and just hope that they are automatically being saved!

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