Low Carb/GI Hall of Fame

My personal results from following the Tips are here:

Weight loss progress spreadsheet

Weight loss progress spreadsheet

I’ve also included the very spreadsheet I used to measure my progress which you are free to use. In fact I only started filling in the spreadsheet towards the end (when curious about my weight change trends) and just recorded my Monday morning results on a scrap of paper!

Fat burning progress scrap of paper

Fat burning progress scrap of paper

If you’ve followed the plan described here or something based on similar principles please let us know your experience and help inspire others. Just leave a comment with some or all of the following:

  1. your first name, age and sex
  2. how much weight you lost
  3. over what period you lost the weight
  4. what worked well for you
  5. what didn’t work for you
  6. any other tips/references you’d like to share

This is a website dedicated to people who are looking for free/cheap healthy weight loss so if your post is just advertising a product/service sorry but it won’t be approved.

3 thoughts on “Low Carb/GI Hall of Fame

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