Low Carb/GI Hall of Fame

My personal results from following the Tips are here:

Weight loss progress spreadsheet

Weight loss progress spreadsheet

I’ve also included the very spreadsheet I used to measure my progress which you are free to use. In fact I only started filling in the spreadsheet towards the end (when curious about my weight change trends) and just recorded my Monday morning results on a scrap of paper!

Fat burning progress scrap of paper

Fat burning progress scrap of paper

If you’ve followed the plan described here or something based on similar principles please let us know your experience and help inspire others. Just leave a comment with some or all of the following:

  1. your first name, age and sex
  2. how much weight you lost
  3. over what period you lost the weight
  4. what worked well for you
  5. what didn’t work for you
  6. any other tips/references you’d like to share

This is a website dedicated to people who are looking for free/cheap healthy weight loss so if your post is just advertising a product/service sorry but it won’t be approved.

Find someone near you to chow down with!

If you’ve read the tips section, begun to practice them by following the lifestyle and recipes and been overjoyed with your results you may, like me, have come to the conclusion that the surest route to long-term healthy eating is consuming in the main fresh home-cooked food – where you know how much of which ingredients of what nutritious quality you’re consuming.

The trouble is that if you have a busy working life then unless you make a concerted effort to plan your meals in advance (perhaps taking time at weekends or when less busy to shop for the necessary ingredients and prepare batches of meals for freezing so they are ready for you to eat when you have less time in the week) it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet – either for weight loss or to maintain the weight and health you’re happy with.

“I don’t have time to cook!”

Well, the chances are that somebody near you will have a different work-life balance and be able to prepare home-cooked food for those times when you’re not.

Hence, if you want to find somebody who can prepare chow for you or someone who’d like to chow down on your food just post a reply here. Of course you’ll need to agree the commercial arrangements between yourselves to make the exchange worth both your whiles. This will include details of the ingredients used (e.g. 2% fat minced beef is more expensive than ‘value’ 20% fat), when the meal(s) will be collected/delivered and when/how payment will be made. All parties should satisfy themselves that adequate standards of hygiene are followed and chow makers are responsible for declaring any profits they make.

Please ‘Leave a Reply’ below with:

  • the first part of your postcode – not the full postcode for data protection.
  • your contact email/phone number – note that this will be made public to all site visitors
  • whether you want to MAKE chow or EAT chow
  • the kind of chow you’re interested in

in comma-separated format like this: SW20, myname@gmail.com, MAKE, thai fish curry

Anyone interested in finding a chow ‘partner’ can just type in the first part of their postcode (e.g. SW20  or even just SW) in the search box that you’ll find in the top right corner of this page and make direct contact with prospective partners.

GI Chow cannot endorse or warrant replies or be held liable for any losses resulting from individuals entering into private transactions, however reserves the right to remove replies where complaints about those replies supported by evidence are made known to us.