What Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews looks like

Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews face

Face of Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews

If you’ve watched any of his videos you may be intrigued to know what Zeos from the YouTube channel Z Reviews looks like. I found this frame in one of his videos (Best of Zeos Pantera) showing what looks to be a reflection of his face.

In 2019, Zeos’ face and name were revealed in this video:


This video has since been taken down however a photo from it is here:
If you know any more details about this funny and impressively knowledgeable chap (does/did he have a regular job, where does his wit and knowledge come from?) please share in a comment below!

If you can’t see the many comments with further photos below from your device they are also here: https://gichow.com/2018/01/30/what-zeos-pantera-from-z-reviews-looks-like/

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