24 Hours in A&E music

24 Hours in A&E incidental music

An unofficial compilation of some of the incidental music from the series is in the YouTube video above.

If you love the incidental music in the UK Channel 4 series 24 Hours in A&E by the composer Richard Spiller please leave a comment or like against the video or like this tweet to support a request for an official compilation being made available on Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube.

24 hours in A&E music
24 Hours In A&E

I find it movingly captures so much of the many emotions from jaunty, upbeat and playful to anxious, pensive and ethereal.

Some of Richard’s music from the series is on SoundCloud.

InShot code 4868 internal storage is running out when trying to save a video

If you get this message when trying to save your video it can be very disheartening since there appears to be nothing one can do to get around it meaning the prospect of losing potentially hours of editing work on one’s project.

InShot info code 4868

It is particularly frustrating when it suddenly appears with a big jump in the stated free space required even when one previously successfully rendered and saved a video of the same length with the same amount of storage space available.

InShot requires much more free space available than the space taken up by your final video file in order to render your video and that amount of space depends on the number of audio and text/sticker tracks so adding just one more sticker on screen at the same time as another can cause the required space to suddenly jump. Extracting audio from a talking head video clip in order to add B roll to a voiceover can also cause the free space requirement to jump. I have found that extracting audio with Android audio extractors or Audacity rather than InShot can significantly reduce the InShot free space requirement from say 5G to 3G.

Some Android audio extractors

While we can’t change how InShot demands space there are several workarounds to help you render your project and avoid losing your work and they are outlined in this 1 minute YouTube video. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel if you get value from it – the channel focuses on high quality tech for an active life at a low price with a focus on mobile device headphones/earphones so will be useful for creators. Video ‘likes’ are appreciated too 🙂

Hope this helps.

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