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Is the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 worth it? What the £$€¥!

Sennheiser TW3 – worth the money?

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I’ve written the most helpful Amazon UK reviews for some of the latest and most premium Bluetooth earphones including Apple AirPods 3, Sony WF-1000XM4 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro but as a recognised Amazon vine reviewer Sennheiser hasn’t offered me their most highly anticipated wireless earphones in years, the Momentum True Wireless 3 for review. Now why? 

Well I focus the channel on high quality high value audio, technology and wellbeing which in a nutshell is bang for buck or sound per pound in the case of audio and the TW3 is retailing at well over £200.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my Sennheiser cx400bt and its very natural sound. I rotate it with my ipx4 rated Sony wf-xb700 which has a more artificial V-shaped but exciting and spacious sound with deep bass and forward female vocals and between them I have everything I personally need for sound quality and practicality in Bluetooth wireless earphones.

Let’s do a quick review of the specs of the new Sennheiser momentum.

In a nutshell it offers a fancy high res codec, longer battery life, more secure fit, improved ANC and better call quality in noisy environments.

Now I suspect the codec will make no to little noticeable difference to sound quality and much less of a difference than basics like tuning and amplifier components.

The longer battery life is great since there have been times when I’ve wanted more than the 4 hours my cx400bt offers however if that means they’ve gone for weaker magnets and a lower current amplifier that doesn’t push and pull the driver so strongly then we’ll lose that wonderfully realistic sound of the cx400 and it will be a sound quality downgrade.

Now fit is one area where the TW3 may be a step up on the TW2, especially if you wear them while exercising however fit alone is not enough since the IP rating would also have to improve to make them practical to deal with sweat and rain. And sealing sound producing components typically adversely affects sound quality so is that a trade off a hifi audio manufacturer would want to make?

And of course we’ll expect the ANC to be world class, both the noise cancelling and transparency but none of the clever triggering features of the Samsung or Sony are mentioned where transparency starts if you or someone else starts talking for example.

And while the microphone quality may improve in noisy environments the previous generation wasn’t exactly poor.

Now I don’t use earphone ANC and unless there’s some very significant difference from the cx400 I can’t imagine the TW3 being worth over twice the price – even if you have no other wireless buds and the full package of capabilities just happens to marry up with your particular use case.

Now one area where, perhaps with the change of owner to Sonova, Sennheiser has been a bit slow is pre release to the influencers and sponsored deals, something that brands like Anker are world class at. If that means more of the purchase price goes into the product then I’m all for that though it’s a balancing act and if they don’t sell enough units consumers won’t benefit from economies of scale. The reputation of Sennheiser may be enough to carry them this time.

Well, whatever the case, mine is ordered with my own money and arriving later this month so subscribe if you want to see whether any of these predictions prove true when I post my recording of how they sound.

Thanks as always for reading!

Ukraine Kyiv Live Stream Webcams

Ukraine Kiev webcam livestreams

A collection of webcams streaming video live from Ukraine. Click play on each of the video thumbnails below in turn to watch them simultaneously. Some have live chat and audio.

Livestream Events
The Valkyrie
TVL Trzcianka

Previous streams: Think Unboxing, DW News, Chiosphotos.gr, Discordia, Batu Yollarda, Politischios.gr, Inquizex


If you find another stream please leave a WordPress comment below and I’ll try to add it to this page. Like, share and retweet.

Do you lose your Wordle streak if you don’t play for a day?

What is a streak in Wordle?

Yes, a Wordle streak ends when you miss playing for a day, confirmed in this Reddit post.

A ‘streak’ in Wordle is the number of consecutive times you have correctly guessed the word in a game of Wordle.

If you don’t play then your ‘current streak’ will end but your ‘max streak’, which is the highest streak you have ever had (and can be the same as your ‘current streak’) will remain unchanged.

But if you didn’t make a guess one day or didn’t even open the Wordle website then arguably you didn’t participate and a game didn’t take place.

And what if you left a game unfinished with guesses left in hand, perhaps intending or forgetting to get back to it? Seems like happily it won’t then count towards your ‘Played’ count or ‘Win %’.

See what some A-List celebs have to say about it:

A-Listers talk about Wordle

Leave a comment below on whether you think it does or should make a difference to whether a streak ends and what a good average score is – mine is 3.9 in the example above.

If you’ve created any “Wordle art” feel free to share that in a comment too and I’ll add the most popular:

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Virgin Mobile advert 2022 music – shop the drop

Virgin mobile ad music 2022

If where that whoop pipe sound in the January 2022 Virgin mobile advert with the bouncing car comes from has been bugging you, the music is from “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams. The penny whistle two-tone whoop starts at 1:47 which may evoke memory of the sound of inhalation through a bong. Might make one wonder whether Virgin is targeting dealers 😄

Virgin mobile bouncing car ad 2022

Interesting how gangster/drug culture has become part of mainstream media advertising and of course Virgin Media as far back as 2012 used a reworking of Dan Black’s “HYPNTZ” (reworked as “Symphonies” for copyright reasons) which was itself a reworking of the lyrics from Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G. combined with the theme from the John Carpenter film Starman by Jack Nitzsche.

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Why AirPods 3 have no touch volume control

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AirPods volume control


So volume is pretty important right?

I mean if you listen at too high a volume for too long you risk permanent hearing loss.

But AirPods 3 have no wireless touch volume controls – controls that are on everything nowadays from cheap wired and wireless earphones to the premium TWS earphones from Samsung, Sony, Sennheiser and every other major manufacturer.

So how do you change volume wirelessly?

Like this

You have to talk to your phone to change the volume. And if you’re using your buds on another device, like a laptop, you can’t even do that.

But Apple is a pioneer right. After all it got rid of earphone jacks to make its phones slimmer and so you had to go wireless – and stop listening when your wireless buds run out of juice.

Unless you use a proprietary Apple lightning port to jack plug adapter:

which they charge you for.

To plug in good old fashioned wired Apple EarPods with inline volume controls

which they charge you for.

Or you can change volume by rotating the crown of your Apple watch

which they charge you for – handsomely.

But Apple has some grander vision right? A world where volume isn’t needed because its players auto level.

What like the “Normalize volume” setting in Spotify you mean?

Or maybe their vision is of a world where AirPods magically know how much volume you want at any time?

Erm they don’t – and they tell you how to change volume remember. You need to talk to it, or buy an Apple watch.

Or is it that Apple got it wrong – but they can’t admit that because of the God argument. You know the one: God can’t change because any change is for the better or for the worse. Ergo, Apple can’t change for the better since that would mean some goodness was originally missing. And of course it can’t change for the worse because that would mean it losing some goodness.

Can Apple change?

Or does Apple hold its users in some kind of trance, some kind of Apple reality distortion field. I mean, this is a chat with an Apple user I know.

Conversation with Apple user

But guess what, Apple gives you a feature request form

Though they don’t publish upvotes like Microsoft do (or used to) – so you can’t see how much discontent there is or demand for a particular feature.

So take a listen to some recordings of the 3rd generation AirPods

Or take a look at some of their flaws

and see whether things make any more sense – if they do please leave a comment there to illuminate me!

Quick fix: Printing from Google docs doesn’t work?

Google docs printing doesn’t work?

Did you find that nothing appears at your printer when you print from Google docs?

To fix this, I’d anticipated having to update a myriad of device drivers and perhaps even my browser and operating system itself but as it turned out there was a quick and simple solution – though it’s only quick when you know how.

When the Microsoft Office 365 license expired on one of my laptops recently, I had no option but to use Wordpad or Google docs to write a simple letter – well no option short of installing free office software, like Apache OpenOffice, which I thought overkill for my needs and creaking laptop.

I wanted to embed a cropped photo in the document, which meant Google docs was the only candidate up to the job.

I quickly knocked up the letter (see my other article on Amazon recharging me if you’re curious to know why I had to post an old fashioned physical letter) and was very happy with the result.

When I came to print, however, it said it had printed but nothing appeared at the printer.

I’d used the print option from within Google docs itself so the letter would print in the chosen A4 portrait format, rather than my Firefox browser’s print option which would just print the contents of the browser rather than the document itself.

I checked my default printer was correctly set, tried a test print and printing some simple text from Notepad, both of which worked fine, but printing from Google docs did not do anything however many time I tried – not even an error message.

So the big reveal – Google docs ‘print’ does not send your document to your printer.

What?! Yes I know. It ‘sends’ the document to a pdf file in your browser’s downloads directory.

Browser downloads directory

You need to open that directory, double click the pdf file to open it in Adobe Acrobat and then print to your printer from Acrobat.

Easy when you know how.

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Quick fix: Samsung SD card storage is full even after deleting files?

Samsung Phone Gallery configuration
Samsung phone Gallery recycle bin

If you find your Samusung phone storage keeps increasing and you can’t reduce it by deleting files there could be a simple solution.

You probably have one of your recycle bins turned on – even if it looks to be turned off.

Video files are the worst culprit since when you delete a bad take it does not free up the space the file was taking up.

The first you’ll know about this is when a video you’re filming stops mid recording and you wonder whether you forgot to press the record button at the end of the scene- until you make sure you press the record button and it happens again.

As a workaround you might switch your camera application to store files in internal storage – assuming you have enough free space there.

Or you can delete some old unneeded large video files from your SD card to get you going again – but the problem will just occur again.

Note: if you were using Internal storage as your camera storage location, rather than SD card, the workaround would be to switch storage to SD card.

The issue is that your Samsung phone has different recycle bins for different apps. You might think your recycle bin is switched off when you go into the “My Files” app.

If you delete a file from My Files you get a simple “Delete file?'” warning, press “Delete” and all is well.

If, however, you delete a file from the Gallery app you get a “Move one video to the Recycle bin?” warning.

If you press “Cancel” and go back to the My Files app nothing looks to be stored or even storable in the Recycle Bin, since when pressing it you just get a message asking whether you want to turn it on – and if you do, then nothing shows up there.

If you then turn off the Recycle bin from settings:

..and then go back to Gallery and delete a file you get the same “Move one video to the Recycle bin?” warning.

So what is going on?

This took me a long time to work out and after a lot of googling I was close to taking all the files off my SD card and reformatting it in the hope this would solve things (I’d previously transferred this SD card with all its data to a new phone).

Happily I discovered that there is a simple setting to resolve the issue.

There is in fact a separate recycle bin used by the Gallery app, which can be turned on and off by clicking the 3 dots top right of the initial “Albums” screen and then Settings.

And if you click the 3 dots and then “Recycle bin” you can see what’s in it, taking up all that space you found being consumed despite your attempts to free it up from the “My Files” app.

Gallery recycle bin

Just tap “Empty” top right and then to confirm tap “Empty Recycle Bin”

..and your space will be freed, giving you that wonderful feeling of not having to do any phone storage housekeeping for some time! If you like you can also turn the Gallery recycle bin off to avoid deleted files ever taking up storage space.

Now the opposite problem can also occur where the Gallery app recycle bin is turned off but the My Files recycle bin is turned on:

Again, just tap “Empty” top right and then to confirm tap “Empty Recycle Bin”

Emptying My Files recycle bin

..and your space will be freed. As before you can also turn the My Files recycle bin off to avoid deleted files ever taking up storage space.

If you had both recycle bins on you can turn either or both off if you want files to be gone forever when deleted rather than just moved to a bin and so still taking up phone storage.

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How to get photos from an iPhone on to a Sony Bravia TV – photo slide show!

This article is now available as a video!

Show iPhone photos on Sony TV with AirPlay


It took me a long time to work out how to show photos from the girls’ iPhone on our 55″ Sony TV and I was close to giving up but it’s actually very quick and easy to share photos and stream videos to the big screen when you know how.

1) On your TV, press the input selector button on the remote control to select AirPlay

and turn AirPlay on. There was no need to go into the TV settings.

2) On your phone, make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV, bring up the photo or video you want to share, touch the share button and then select AirPlay – this is not the round ‘AirDrop’ icon that appears first but further down you will find the rectangular ‘AirPlay’ icon.

3) Select your TV from the list.

4) If a 4-digit code appears on your TV, type it into your phone.

That’s it! Your phone screen is now mirrored to your TV. You can zoom in or swipe to different photos and videos as usual, and they will simultaneously appear on your TV screen for everyone to see comfortably.

It let us get photos from both an iPhone 7 and iPhone 12 on to a Sony KD-55XH9505 TV so I guess it should let you send photos with the iPhone models in between those too.

After first searching for how to do this I initially tried navigating to the TV settings, Network & Internet and Wi-Fi Direct and then connecting to the TV network from the iPhone but that didn’t let me send photos to the TV screen.

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AirPods 3 sound and microphone quality recordings

AirPods 3 audio sound quality recording

As a healthy reality check to balance the hype around Apple’s latest generation of AirPods take a listen to recordings of their audio and mic quality against the old fashioned wired Apple EarPods. I reckon the EarPods beat them for mic quality, possibly because of the proximity of the microphone to your mouth and get pretty close to the sound quality but take a listen for yourself and you be the judge.

Amazon charged me for an item I returned

I bought an item from Amazon but it was uncomfortable to use so I returned it using their Hermes return facility.

Subsequently, despite having already issued the refund, Amazon informed me they had received a different item – an item I’d never heard of.

They ignored my communications telling them I had in fact returned the right item and charged me for the item again.

Let’s get into the full story and how it’s ended.

While I try to research the items I purchase as best I can, often spending hours reading and watching reviews for higher value items, sometimes there is something the reviews or spec sheets have missed – and sometimes it turns out the reviews I based my purchasing decision on are more positive than I think they ought to have been* when I receive the product and have the opportunity to evaluate it for myself.

*Btw check out my other video on which reviewers to trust.

When looking for a mid-priced wireless earphone with good sound quality for sports and outdoor use I ordered the Jabra Elite Active 65t and the Sony WF-XB700 (a discounted ‘Amazon Renewed’ item). Both of these I’ve reviewed on Amazon, which can be found under my profile GI Chow with affiliate links to them here.

I ended up keeping the Sonys and returning the Jabra for the reasons I talk about in these reviews.

Amazon refunded me immediately I returned the Jabras as usual which was great and I thought no more about it until some weeks later when I got this email:

They received a different item? Surely some administrative mistake with parcels having been mixed up I thought.

So I contacted Amazon via email and the online chat facility to let them know that I had already returned the item – and that they had in fact already refunded me after my return.

Some time later I got this response:

So despite my phone call, online chat and email explaining that I had already returned the item they had gone ahead and recharged me for it!

Once again I told them via a phone call with an Amazon call centre real human being (after first conversing with a bot) that I had already returned the item and also emailed a photo of the Hermes receipt that I was handed when I left the return package at the Hermes drop off point in my local Co-op supermarket. Luckily, or so I thought, I had kept the receipt – even though I had to hunt for it at the bottom of my rucksack! Though with the scanning of my returned package and subsequent refund I thought they must already have had evidence of this.

So imagine my disappointment when I received this response:

Email from Amazon

I returned a ‘white cap’?! The call centre informed me that email was the only way I could communicate with the Amazon department concerned and that I could not speak to anyone there in person. I wrote several further emails to the email address I was asked to use and while I got clarification that by ‘white cap’ was meant a hat, these were met with the same standard response – and eventually no response at all.

At this point I was totting up the time and hassle the return of this relatively inexpensive item had cost me, thinking it was now getting rather silly. But that just spurred me on to put this matter to bed and get some result from all the time I’d spent on the matter.

And frankly how can a business that has taken so much money from me over the years, makes over $800 profit every single second and is renowned for the efficiency of its operation effectively ignore my communications at best or consider them lies at worst without even a human conversation about the matter.

I had paid via credit card and contacted my credit card company via their online chat. After downloading and filling in a physical paper form:

Credit card query form

which I had to print out (I had technical issues printing it but that’s another story) and then post via snail mail back to them, I received this phone text message from the credit card company:

So, after a lot of time and hassle, for now all good in the hood – I think. If you scroll through the several pages of Amazon’s Terms and Conditions you’ll find this:

Amazon Legal stuff

My credit card company subsequently a letter saying confirming they had refunded the charge but would reinstate it if the vendor provided evidence it was a legitimate one.

Credit card company refund letter

I’ll add an update if the saga continues though I hope it doesn’t.

Following this experience, despite the several years I’ve been an Amazon customer, I no longer have a warm feeling about Amazon and have come to consider how much I rely on the company and my account, which I also use for all my Alexa devices. What would happen if Amazon decided to revoke my account?

The same thought occurred about Google, which account I use for my phone and recently my Sony TV too, as well as their search, email and cloud services including of course YouTube.

Makes you think about just how much we rely on these giant corporations – and what would happen if their friendly face (Amazon literally has a smile in its logo) turned sour.

Doesn’t bear thinking about – I’m off to YouTube to distract myself.